Jewellery Matching Trends in 2023

Jewellery Matching Trends in 2023

Diamonds captivate, charm, and radiate self-confidence. They have always been among the most memorable gifts.

Precious stones make excellent gifts and are passed down the generations. That's why they need to be chosen carefully and matched with other pieces of jewellery. Diamond jewellery trends are the most modest, changing the least, and so don't force you to change the contents of your jewellery box to replace it with something fashionable. 

"RIBAS Jewellery" consultants are agreed: expressing a unique style through jewellery is easy, and experimenting boldly always pays off. White, yellow and rose gold, white and coloured gemstones, and also subtle, elegant combinations and modern, attention-grabbing accents are the best jewellery trends for 2023.

If you have a ring with a white diamond set in the centre, it will go well with emerald, sapphire, or ruby bands. The upcoming season's fashion statement is cognac diamonds. They can be set in rings, earrings, or pendants, but cognac diamond rings with white diamond accents will look just as luxurious. Eternal classics include light, flexible tennis bracelets and necklaces, beloved by famous actors and fashion runway stars. These pieces of jewellery are easy to match with both classic and modern clothing, especially suitable for busy and comfort-seeking individuals. Mix tennis necklaces or bracelets with other jewellery – single diamond pendants, and coloured gemstone rings with bands make one of the most desired combinations.

Match a pendant with a single diamond with cross pendants or letter pendants. Fashion experts say that the latter will be very trendy next year and can also be a great gift for special occasions.

For those who don't have ear piercings or have too few of them, "RIBAS Jewellery" consultants suggest a combination of cuff earrings and piercings, which, if you want a bit of a challenge, can be beautifully complemented with earring chains. 

The first earring experience at "RIBAS Jewellery" salon, "The House of Diamonds," in Vilnius is always pleasant. Experienced earring experts will not only professionally insert the first earrings with diamonds but also help you choose the best earring combinations.

We buy diamond jewellery for a lifetime. Having several different pieces of jewellery allows you to create unique combinations that express your style and emphasize it. Moreover, natural diamonds never lose their value. On the contrary, the mineral that was formed over millions of years becomes even more valuable over time, making it suitable for passing down from generation to generation. 

Diamonds are the hardest natural material on Earth. They are so hard that only another diamond can scratch them. Just remember that a diamond is valuable when it meets the four accepted diamond grading parameters, the "4Cs": Color, Clarity, Cut, Carat Weight. 

The secret to a successful diamond purchase is buying from a person who is not only reputable, but more importantly, a member of a professional and accredited diamond exchange: a certified importer with a license and membership in a diamond exchange. Such are the "RIBAS Jewellery" entities belonging to the Israel Diamond Exchange, which not only can fulfil any customer's request, but also provide valuable advice on how to choose diamonds, match them, wear them safely, and care for them. They even offer the opportunity to visit the Israel Diamond Exchange and choose the desired diamond firsthand under the best conditions, thus opening your eyes to the world of diamonds. Years of experience in the diamond world, knowledge, and membership in one of the largest diamond exchanges in the world ensure the best quality and price ratio. 

Did you know that the first man to ask for his beloved's hand with a diamond ring was the Duke of Austria, Maximilian? In 1477, the Duke proposed with a ring inlaid with thin, flat pieces of diamonds to Duchess Mary of Burgundy. At that moment, the diamond magic worked, and the duchess said yes! Over the world, diamonds have heard “yes!” a billion times. Tell this word to them, too.

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