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We are striving to change the way diamond jewellery is perceived, with the aim of making it accessible to everyone

Patrik Ribas

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Twenty years of experience in the world of diamonds. Diligence, knowledge, established relationships and a responsibility towards customers are what ensure the best prices and quality. "RIBAS Jewellery" is an exceptional entity in the whole of the Baltic region. As a proud member of the Israeli Diamond Exchange, we guarantee that our customers receive the best balance of quality and affordability in their jewellery.

Quality and Work Ethics

Each "RIBAS Jewellery" piece comes with a unique certificate that outlines the key characteristics of the jewellery in detail. The diamonds used in "RIBAS Jewellery" items arrive from the Israeli Diamond Exchange, a member of the "Kimberley Process".


The history of "RIBAS Jewellery” is centred on the Ribas family, whose main desire and goal is to make diamonds accessible to everyone. The company's history began in Israel in 2002, when the first "RIBAS Jewellery" was established in Tel Aviv. The founder of the "RIBAS Jewellery” brand, Patrik Ribas, is an internationally recognised expert in diamonds and jewellery, who has been working in this business for over ten years.

Patrik’s acquaintance with the world of diamonds began when he was just 12 years old, when he started to work at a jewellery factory in Israel. After Patrik's mother, Dana Ribas, became a member of the Israeli Diamond Exchange, Patrik continued to actively deepen his knowledge in the field of jewellery and diamonds, and they established a family business together.

Today, “RIBAS Jewellery” is expanding and is proud to operate three jewellery salons in Vilnius, as well as one salon in Kaunas and a salon in Florence, Italy. Just recently, four new shops have opened in Lithuania. Patrik is continuing to develop his jewellery production business, not only in Lithuania but also abroad.

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