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Necklace “Secret Love”

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RIBAS Jewelery designs, manufactures and markets its own collections of unique jewelery crafted from solid 14K and 18K gold alongside a range of natural gemstones such as diamonds, sapphires, emeralds and rubies.

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  • Certificate: AG925

The jewellery collection "SECRET LOVE" by Julia Janus and "RIBAS Jewellery" is inspired by the legend of eternal royal love, created as a symbol of Sigismund Augustus' love for Barbara.

While Sigismund Augustus left Vilnius and started a half year journey to Krakow, he was sending love letters to Barbara Radziwill and a wonderful piece of jewellery with precious stones was enclosed with every letter that became an inspiration of this collection.

Necklace “Secret Love” – a prelude to Sigismund Augustus' love for Barbara. The choker made of black velvet strip associates with the Grand Duke of Lithuania and his dark clothes but the front-engraved ring decorated with pearls and black diamonds is created in the honor of Barbara. The combination of these two jewellery pieces symbolizes the dream of eternal love.


Velvet strip

Metals: 925 silver, 585 yellow gold

Jewellery weight: 2.99 g.

Hanging ring:

Gemstones: black diamond 0.01 ct, white pearl

Metals: 585 pink gold, 925 silver

Jewellery weight: 4.07 g.

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Care instructions

Diamond - the hardest substance on earth, nevertheless - requires care. This jewelry is the result of long and persistent work, combining craftsmanship, professionalism and experience. We recommend cleaning the products in a special way at least once every six months. You can do this by delivering them to RIBAS Jewelery showrooms, where the jeweler will do the job flawlessly.


RIBAS Jewelery products are covered by a warranty of up to 5 years, inclusive from the date of product purchase. This jewelry is the result of long and persistent work, combining craftsmanship, professionalism and experience.

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